Our Mission

It is the mission of COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT SYSTEMS to provide flexible, creative and intensive personal support to individuals with developmental disabilities and/or mental health diagnoses who wish to live in their own home.  this agency is fortunate in that it has the distinctive opportunity to provide a bridge for the people we support to become part of the community in which they wish to live.  Additionally, it can serve as an education resource in order that members of the community have the opportunity to enhance their sensitivity to people with developmental disabilities.

COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT SYSTEMS is dedicated to the concept that every individual has the right to make choices in his/her life.  It is also understood that people can only express their preferences after experiencing options.  We therefore recognize that the supports that we are asked to provide must be client driven and reflect the needs of today, while being sensitive to the changing needs of the future.

It is not the goal of this agency to strive for independence for each of our clients, but rather to enable the people we support to lead normal, interdependent lives.  As human beings we tend to develop relationships among family, friends, and other associates, as well as in our neighborhoods, work places, and communities.  This interdependence is seen as normal, and presumes that everyone has something to contribute: everyone has a gift to offer.  Individuals with disabilities have gifts to offer.  This agency will strive to empower those whom we support to develop and radiate those gifts in order to best become part of the integral system that we refer to as society.